Welcome to the landing page for The Center for Guided Montessori Studies INFANT-TODDLER Certification Course site.   We're glad you are here!

This course is mixed-mode - which means it is delivered using a variety of formats (both online and in-person). We hope to offer high-quality Montessori teacher training utilizing 21st-century technology. 

    • We have an online component where academic course content is presented - and written assignments and entries are turned in. 
    • There is also a special Practicum and Long Term (PLT) area where adult learners will create a digital portfolio/journal, conduct case studies and other observations, and put Montessori Principles into Practice in a real-life caregiving/classroom setting (documenting that experience and receiving feedback  as skills and understanding are refined)
    • We have weekly live classes on Zoom with instructors and a supportive learning community. 
    • A Field Consultant will visit adult learners (in their classroom) to spend the day at least three times (in person and/or virtually).
    • If an adult learner is working towards a certificate that is fully accredited by MACTE, then they will also attend a three-week residency program.
    • Adult Learners who are self-directed will also be assigned a Practicum Advisor to coach them through classroom challenges and to answer additional questions.  We also have a mentor program if an adult learner does not have anyone trained at the I/T level at their school. 

Graduates will have life-long access to this course, as well as to alumni updates.

 Our purpose is to get essential information to caregivers

(those who love and work with children every day)

so they will know how to best respond to

those precious little beings in front of them.


Our mission is also to forward the work of Dr. Maria Montessori

who dedicated her life and genius

to the care of children - and a profound respect for life

in hopes of bringing about a better future

for all of humankind.